Punjabi Cuisine









Punjabi Cuisine is the most popular cuisine in India coming from the state of Punjab. Punjabi Cuisine is famous for its non vegetarian delicacies, however the vegetarian delights of this cuisine are not less popular. This cuisine is heavily influenced by the agricultural and farming production of the region with its high varieties of cultivated crops. Punjabi Cuisine has a specific cooking technique being in use since long time called tandoori (tandoors) which are now very popular in many countries. In rural Punjab, it is common to have communal tandoors, which are also called kath tadoors in Punjabi. Even today, the traditional techniques like chulha (wooden stoves) and bhatti (masonry ovens) are practiced in many parts of this region.

Punjabi Cuisine is well known for its wide spread, aroma, awesome blend of spices, oils and excess usage of ghee, butter and other dairy products. Wheat, rice and dairy products are produced in large quantities in this region and form a major part of the cuisine. In rice, basmati rice is very popular in this region along with many other varieties of rice. Spices are grounded at households and used liberally for their aroma and flavors. Dairy products are the life line of Punjabi Cuisine where milk, curd are consumed religiously in large quantities. Some north Punjab villages have also developed a local cheese variant known as dhaag, but the tradition of making it is dying out gradually. Food additives and condiments are usually added to enhance the flavor of the food. The common additives are vinegar, food colors and starch.

A few popular dishes in Punjabi Cuisine are:

  • chole kulcha refers to a dish where curry is made of chickpeas and flatbread of flour is stuffed inside
  • chole bhatoore refers to a snack dish where curry is made of chickpeas and deep fried bread is made with flour, curd, yeast
  • parantha refers to a kind of bread made with wheat flour and has various stuffing’s inside
  • lassi refers to a yogurt based drink made with yogurt, sugar, saffron and nuts
  • biriyani refers to a rice dish made with basmati rice, yogurt, vegetables, spices and ghee, butter
  • kebab refers to snack dish made with minced meat served with naan
  • kunna ghosht refers to meat dish made in kunna (clay utensil)
  • fish tikka refers to a dish made of fish which is roasted in tandoor
  • panjiri / dabra refers to a sweet dish which has a generous amount of almonds, walnuts, pistachios, dry dates, cashew nuts along with whole wheat flour, sugar, edible gum, poppy seeds and fennel seeds
  • saag refers to a variety of leafy greens typically cooked down to a stew, seasoned with ginger, garlic, chilies and other spices, and often enriched with paneer or cream
  • punj ratani dal refers to a thick dal made of 5 legumes, with tomato, browned onion and spices
  • sarson ka saag refers to a curry gravy made with mustard leaves in mustard oil
  • makkai ki roti refers to a thick punjabi bread made of corn flour
  • kulcha refers to a flatbread made of flour which is stuffed inside and made in a tandoor
  • naan refers to a flat bread made of maida flour and roasted in tandoor
  • roti refers to a flatbread made of wheat flour and roasted well in a tandoor
  • butter chicken refers to a curry dish made of chicken and floated in butter
  • roomali roti refers to a flatbread made in king size, soft in texture and folded like a cloth
  • sattu refers to a drink made by roasting barley grains and then ground into powder, mixed with salt,  turmeric and water
  • doodh soda refers to a drink made with milk and soda mixed in proportions
  • bhaapi ghosht refers to a meat dish made with smoking of the meat