Pulses are the grain seed of a plant, its fruit or seed called legumes. These pulses are cultivated for human consumption and animal consumption along with other benefits like oil production and industrial usage. Pulses are significant source of protein, fiber, carbohydrates and minerals. These pulses form a part of super food for vegetarian diet as they are very rich in their nutritional value and health benefits. Here we discuss few basic pulses classified as under:

  1. Arahar Dal / Tuar Dal (Pigeon Peas)
  2. Chana Dal / Phutana Dal (Bengal Gram / Roasted Bengal Gram)
  3. Chola / Kabuli Chana (Laal, Safed – Red, White Chickpeas / Garbanzo Beans)
  4. Chori (Adzuki Beans / Red Cow Peas)
  5. Kulith / Kulthi / Kulathi / Gahat (Horse Gram / Madras Gram)
  6. Lobia / Chawli / Raungi (Black Eyed Peas / White Cow Peas)
  7. Masoor / Masoor Dal (Whole Brown Gram / Split Brown Gram) (Pink / Orange)
  8. Moong / Moong Dal / Mudga (Whole Green Gram / Split Green Gram)
  9. Moth (Moth Bean / Matki / Turkish Gram)
  10. Mumphalli (Groundnut / Peanut)
  11. Rajma (Kidney Beans) (Laal, Safed, Kala / Red, White, Black Beans)
  12. Soyabean / Bhatma (Soyabean)
  13. Urad / Urad Dal (Whole Black Gram / Split Black Gram)