Other Essentials

Other Essentials column refers to many un-categorized products which are vital for human health and wellness. This includes many dairy products, pickles, preservatives, essence, dip’s and pastes, soups, desserts, leafs and metal leafs, powders of leafs and beans, water and other vitals. Some products of this category are very high in nutrition and vitamins where as some of them are mostly processed for long term usage and flavors. However each of these products have their distinct taste’s and flavor’s in their own way depending upon the way of utilization in the food. Most of these products are consumed raw and some are blended for making different varieties of flavors. Each of these products also have a lot of health benefits and are mostly popular in Indian Cuisines across the nation. Here we discuss few basic products classified as under:

  1. Chai Patti (Tea Powder / Leaves)
  2. Cheese
  3. Coffee (Coffee Powder / Bean)
  4. Dahi (Curd / Yogurt)
  5. Doodh (Milk)
  6. Ghee (Clarified Butter)
  7. Khameer (Yeast)
  8. Makkhan (Homemade White Butter & Branded Yellow Butter)
  9. Mawa / Khoa / Khoya / Khova (Condensed Milk / Solidified Milk)
  10. Paani (Water)
  11. Paneer / Chena (Cottage Cheese)
  12. Patasha (Puffed Sugar Balls)
  13. Shahad (Honey)
  14. Tofu (Chinese Cottage Cheese)
  15. Varak / Vark (Gold / Silver Metal Thin Layers)