Oils are liquids produced by pressing of grains, pulses or leaves of various varieties. Oils have high carbon and hydrogen content due to which they are highly flammable. Oils are used for cosmetics, cooking food, fuel, lubrication, painting, medical purposes and many other manufacturing purposes. Some specially prepared / produced oils are also used in religious ceremonies and rituals or as purifying agents across many cultures. Organic oils are produced from plants, animals and other organisms through natural metabolic processes. Mineral refers to distillates of crude oils originating from fossils and organic materials through chemical processes. Here we discuss few basic oils classified as under:

Edible Oils (Cooking Oils):

  1. Alsi Ka Tel (Flax Seed Oil)
  2. Canola Ka Tel (Canola Oil / Rapeseed Oil)
  3. Chaawal Ke Bhusi Ka Tel (Rice Bran Oil)
  4. Jaitun Ka Tel (Olive Oil)
  5. Kusuma Tel (Safflower Oil)
  6. Mumphalli Ka Tel (Groundnut Oil / Peanut Oil)
  7. Naariyal Ka Tel (Coconut Oil)
  8. Sarson Ka Tel (Mustard Oil)
  9. Soyabean Ka Tel (Soya Bean Oil)
  10. Surajmukhi Tel (Sunflower Oil)
  11. Taad Ka Tel (Palm Oil)
  12. Till Ka Tel (Sesame Oil / Gingelly Oil)

Non Edible Oils:

  1. Argan Ka Tel / Mandati Tel (Argan Oil)
  2. Chaipatti Ped Ka Tel (Tea Tree Oil)
  3. Kapaas Ka Tel (Cotton Seed Oil)
  4. Kapoor Ka Tel (Camphor Oil)
  5. Mehandi Ka Tel (Rosemary Oil)