Indian Cuisines

In this Indian Cuisines column we have classified all the cuisine's according to their geographical locations, traditions and cultures in India. You can go through the various cuisine's, spread across the nation along with their basic terminology, special dishes, cooking techniques, food habits and local flavors. Each cuisine has its own specialty in terms of the ingredients used, availability of resources, weather conditions, cooking techniques, health and well being of the individuals. Most of these cuisines have a mutual influence on each other due to proximity of the regions and people migrating from one place to another. 

India is a nation where food is not just a source of energy for living, but also a part of every celebration. The food is always on a priority list when it comes to festivals, rituals and ceremonies. Food also has a religious importance as food in India is offered to the deities as prasadam before human consumption in many parts of the country. Food also forms a part of gift's in India as exchange of food during festivals is a common practice in most of the regions. India being an agricultural country has a huge focus on the process flow of food, from production to cooking, preserving and then consumption. Since we promote only vegetarianism, our focus is mainly on vegetarian dishes which includes main course, chat food dishes, pickle's, soups, salads, sweets, juices, dip's and sauces, jams and digestives. Click on the various cuisine's names to read about their variety of dishes and their flavors in brief.