Haryana Cuisine





Haryana Cuisine comes from the agricultural lands of state of Haryana in India. In Haryana Cuisine food is mainly based on fresh, earthly production of its agricultural crop, where staple food items are roti, saag, vegetarian sabzi and abundance of milk products such as ghee, milk, matta (sour butter milk), lassi (sweet butter milk), sharbat, nimbu paani and kheer. The food of Haryana Cuisine or Haryanvi food as it is called has a certain relationship with the land itself where the food is prepared with the purest of all intentions. Here the intention is that the eater must relish every part of the food and it is prepared with no fuss at all. The state of Haryana can also be regarded as ‘the land of the rotis’ as the natives cannot resist the taste and nutrition of steaming delicious roti’s. Earlier rotis were made from a flour of wheat, gram and barley which is a truly nutritious and healthy combination. Then there is a trend of gochini atta made from wheat flour and gram flour.

Haryana Cuisine is popular for its cattle wealth and is an ideal home for cow’s and buffalo’s as abundant resources of milk. Local people of Haryana prepare ghee and butter at home called tindi ghee or nooni ghee and in most homes daily they churn it fresh. Haryana Cuisine has a liberal usage of ghee in their regular diet. It is also very common for Haryana people to exchange gifts prepared from ghee. The significant loves for lassi can be measured from a milk based sweet drink called kachi lassi or Haryana’s thandai.

The most relished dishes in Haryana Cuisine are:

  • raabri
  • bajre ki khichri
  • bajre ki roti
  • teet / ker ka achar (a pickle made of gram berries)
  • dahi bade
  • singri ki sabzi
  • kadhi pakoda
  • rajma chawal
  • mix dal
  • tamatar ki chutney
  • kachri ki sabzi
  • methi gajar
  • masala besan roti
  • bhura roti
  • hara dhaniya cholia
  • bathua ka raita
  • gondh ke laddu
  • dal churma
  • gaajar ka halwa
  • alsi ki pinni
  • malpua

The street food in Haryana Cuisine serves varieties like samosa, chana bhatura, aloo tikki, jalebi, shakarkandi, gulab jamun, mitha chawal and fresh cut fruits / vegetables. In rural areas of Haryana people generally have a two meal concept where they skip the breakfast and have a king size lunch and then rest in the fields. Again for dinner they have a lavish menu to make their body refilled with energy spent all day working in fields. However the urban population of Haryana has changed with the times and are following a three meal per day concept consisting of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Haryana Cuisine also has a large influence from Rajasthani Cuisine and Punjabi Cuisine due to its proximity with the regions.