Grains are small, hard, dry seed with or without an attached hull or fruit layer which is harvested for human or animal consumption. A grain crop is a grain producing plant and the two main types of commercial grain crops are cereals and legumes. After being harvested dry grains are more durable than any other staple food. This durability of grains have made them well suitable and sought after for industrial agriculture. They are easily transported through different modes like ships, rail or roadways. These grains are widely used for milling flours or pressed for oil production. Because the grains are small, hard and dry, they can be stored and measured easily for a longer time making it a much sought after asset in many societies. Here we discuss few basic grains classified as under:

  1. Bajra (Pearl Millet)
  2. Barri (Proso Millet)
  3. Bathua / Kinwa (Quinoa / White Goose Foot)
  4. Chaawal (Rice) (Kala, Laal, Bhura Chaawal – Black, Red, Brown Rice)
  5. Dalia (Broken Wheat or Cracked Wheat)
  6. Gehu (Wheat)
  7. Jaee / Javie (Oats)
  8. Jawaar / Jowar (Sorghum)
  9. Jow / Jau (Barley)
  10. Kamut (Khorasan Wheat)
  11. Kangni / Kauni (Foxtail Millet)
  12. Kodra (Kodo Millet)
  13. Kutki (Little Millet)
  14. Kuttu / Choon / Kwada (Buck Wheat Millet)
  15. Murmura & Kheel  (Puffed Rice)
  16. Poha (Beaten / Flattened Rice Flakes)
  17. Ragi / Nachani / Mandua / Mangua (Finger Millet)
  18. Rajgira / Ramdana (Amaranth Seed)
  19. Sabudana / Saboodana (Sago / Pearl Tapioca)
  20. Samkru (Job’s Tears Millet)
  21. Sanwa / Sama / Samvat / Jhangora (Barnyard Millet)