Flours are in general a powder kind of substance made by grinding raw grains, pulses or roots which are used to make different varieties of food dishes. Wheat forms the most basic base for flours across the globe and is used widely in various dishes including breads, pasta, cakes, puddings, desserts and pastries. Traditionally the milling of flours is done grinding the grains between stones or steel wheels. Technology and innovation has made milling easy and so the roller mills have replaced the traditional stone grinding. Here we discuss few basic flours classified as under:

  1. Bajre Ka Aata (Pearl Millet Flour)
  2. Besan (Bengal Gram Flour)
  3. Chaawal Ka Aata (Rice Flour)
  4. Gehu ka Aata (Wheat Flour)
  5. Kuttu Ka Aata (Buck Wheat Flour)
  6. Maida (All Purpose Flour)
  7. Makkai Ka Aata (Corn Flour or Maize Gram Flour)
  8. Ragi Ka Aata (Finger Millet Flour)
  9. Rajgira Ka Aata (Amaranth Flour)
  10. Singhade Ka Aata ( Water Chestnut Flour)
  11. Sooji / Rava (Wheat / Rice Semolina) (Bombay Rava / Bansi Rava / Idly Rava)