Cooking & Storage Tips

Here we discuss a few cooking & storage tips for your convenience in the kitchen as under:

  1. To keep salt fresh and avoid moisture, store salt in a glass container with a few cloves in it
  2. To peel garlic cloves smoothly, soak the garlic cloves in water for sometime and then peel it
  3. To peel tomatoes smoothly, freeze them for sometime and then peel them off easily
  4. To preserve coriander leaves freshness for longer time, roll them in a paper and store in refrigerator
  5. To preserve green chillies freshness for longer time, remove their stems and then preserve them in refrigerator
  6. To boil potatoes quicker, add some turmeric powder while boiling the potatoes
  7. To preserve mushrooms for longer time, roll them in paper or paper bags and store in a refrigerator
  8. To keep the rice or lentils bug free, put some dry red chillies in the containers along with rice or lentils


(Note: Many more tips yet to come. Stay tuned……………..!)