Cooking with Love, Care & Attention

Cooking for yourself and your family relates to health and well-being, because it is considered as a divine medicine for those who consume it. The food we eat affects not just our body, but our mind and soul too. Giving those recipes and ingredients your precious attention, love, care and good energy makes it most delicious and gives positive effective on health. In fact, the state of your mind while you are cooking your food directly affects the energy and quality of that food. You can turn your every meal into a healing medicine just by cooking consciously with love, care, attention and prayer in your kitchen. Let us understand the science behind this.

Energy: Everything in this universe has an energy (vibration / frequency) which includes our physical body, thoughts, emotions, actions, sound, color. We consume this energy in form of food, water and air in various forms.

Ancient Wisdom / Ancient Beliefs: It is believed since ages, in many cultures that the intention and emotions while cooking food has a huge impact on its quality. Indian sacred Hindu scripture “Bhagavad Gita” describes that the intention of the person cooking the food is directly transferred in form of an energy into the food.

Holy Food & Water: Human energy and consciousness affect water’s molecular structure. Positive thoughts, words, intentions, and prayers produce harmonious crystal formations in the water, and even cleanses polluted water. Negative thoughts, words, and feelings produce fragmented, disharmonious crystal formations. For generations, in most of the cultures around the world, we have seen a concept of the Holy Water. Christians have holy water which is sanctified by a priest, and in Hindu culture the Prasad (food offered to the God and then consumed by the worshipers) and Tirtham (holy water) from the temple which have vibrations of positive thoughts, prayers, love, care, attention, concern and blessings in them. The food / water from a holy place does not have any magical ingredients in it, but when we eat food or drink water from any holy place, we feel positive, refreshed, energetic, happy and blessed. It is because this food has a special power of positivity in it, by the way of positive thoughts, prayers, love, care, attention, concern and blessings for mankind.

In ancient India, the cooks in royal palaces were referred to as Maharaj, which is a synonyms with the name of the king himself. This is because of his purest intentions, care, attention and dedication towards making the food for the royal family. This process of cooking makes the food a divine medicine and plays a vital role in the health and wellness of the royal family members consuming the food. Even today in many communities in India, the hired cook of the family is referred to as Maharaj.

Every person on earth can swear by their mother’s home made food, its taste and healing benefits across the globe. This is one of the finest example of the subject which we are referring to in this post. It is a global belief / fact, that when a mother cooks food for her children and family, all her concentration is on hygiene, quality, taste, freshness, color and health benefits of the food. This makes all her unconditional love, care, attention, intention, conscious, prayer for health and well being of the family flow like a positive energy into the food. This positive energy gives the food an amazing texture, color, taste and healing benefits which is incomparable anywhere else. This is one major reason that people can recognize their mother’s home made food among numerous food dishes and lifelong crave for the same taste. Here the major reason for the healing properties of the food is that the mother’s (young or aged) dont feel tired or troublesome while cooking for their family, instead they feel it as their responsibility and duty, a way of expressing love and emotions towards the family.

Kitchen is a kingdom of health and wellness in every household across the world. Kitchen has the key to the health status of the family members. Anyone who cooks in the kitchen is equivalent to a doctor who is directly responsible for the health of the family members. While cooking, the person should be free from all the worries, insecurities and worldly matters. They should be completely immersed in the process of cooking as a divine meditation. This prevents and safeguards them from all the negative energies around them, leading to the cooking process more peaceful and pleasurable. The resultant food makes wonders on their health, wellness and gives immense pleasure to all those who consume it. Apart from this, cooking collectively by the family members also contributes to the strong sense of family bonding, emotional security and individual connectivity with other family members. Wile consuming the food together with family, this positive energy connects all the family members with an unseen connection and keeps then bonded together in various stages of life.

feel happy – cook happy – eat healthy – live healthy….!

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