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Chat Cuisine refers to the chat food dishes which are very popular in all the states of India. Chat Cuisine food dishes have their own flavors and varieties depending upon each region of the country. Mostly, chat food dishes are associated with street food as they are available in streets, road side stalls and city junctions. These chat items are made with unique combination of spices and cooking methods in order to give them a distinct aroma, flavor and color, with a tangy and spicy taste. These chat food dishes are generally consumed as side dishes, but often lead to a full meal as one cant resist the taste and tend to make it a meal.

Indians can never get enough of these chat food dishes and people travel to distant places in search of authentic flavors of these dishes. All the cities and towns in India have at-least one such junction where these delicacies are served daily and attract a huge crowd. A few examples of such junctions are chandni chowk (delhi), chowpati / juhu / bandra (mumbai), park street / bada bazaar (kolkata), abids / chirag ali lane / sindhi colony (hyderabad), sarafa bazaar (indore), manek chowk (ahmedabad) etc.

A few popular dishes in Chat Cuisine are:

  • aloo chat refers to a dish made by mashing of boiled potato topped with chopped chillies, spices, onions and coriander
  • bhel puri refers to a snack dish made of puffed rice mixed with chopped onions, tomatoes, tangy tamarind chutney, sev / bhujia, cilantro, lemon juice and chopped chillies
  • pav bhaji refers to a snack dish which has a curry made with mashed vegetables and served with soft buttered bun and onions
  • vada pav refers to a snack dish made of potato balls stuffed in between buns and garnished with chutneys and chillies
  • jhal muri refers to a snack dish made of puffed rice along with chopped onions, oil, coriander, sev and lemon juice
  • dabeli refers to bread dish where a pav (bread) is stuffed with sweet and spicy stuffing made of potato, chillies and chutneys
  • dhokla refers to a steamed cake kind of dish made mostly with rice flour and also many variety of flours
  • khandvi refers to a rolls of snack dish made by gram flour, yogurt, garnished with oil, coriander leaves, mustard seeds and coconut
  • bread chat refers to a variety of dishes made with bread. Bread toast refers to grilled bread with potato, vegetables, cheese stuffing. Bread pakoda refers to a dish made by deep frying the bread soaked in gravy of besan (gram flour) marination. Bread rolls refers to a deep fried bread dish where bread is made into balls stuffed with vegetables, onions, chillies. Sandwiches refers to a very common bread snack where bread is stuffed with raw onions, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumber sprinkled with salt and pepper
  • churmur chat refers to a tangy chat made like with mashed potatoes and mixed with crunchy savouries / papdi’s to add a flavor
  • dahi papdi refers to a dish made of crunchy savouries / papdi’s topped with curd, spices, sev, coriander and onions
  • kachori refers to a round shaped dish made with maida and stuffed with various ingredients as per regional choices
  • samosa refers to a triangle shaped dish made with maida and stuffed with varieties like potato / onion / corn along with spices
  • sev puri refers to a dish made with savouries topper with curd, pomegranate, sev, coriander and spices
  • raj kachori refers to a dish remsembling a bowl kind of round shaped container made of flour and stuffed with curd, sprouts, spices, onions, coriander and pomegranate
  • pakoda refers to a dish which is deep fried in a gram flour gravy marination and made in many varieties like aloo pakoda, pyaaz ka pakoda, paneer ka pakoda, gobi ka pakoda, tomato pakoda, capsicum pakoda etc
  • mirchi bhajia refers to a dish made of green chillies split and stuffed with spices, dipped in gram flour gravy marination and deep fried
  • pani puri / puchka / patasha / gol gappa / gupchup refers to the most talked about dish where small hollow balls made of flour are served with various fillings, onions and consumed with different varieties of flavored water made with spices and chillies
  • ragada refers to a dish made of boiled peas / chikpeas made into gravy kind of curry and often served with mashed samosa / pattice