Bhopali Cuisine





Bhopali Cuisine (Madhya Pradesh Cuisine) comes from the state of Madhya Pradesh. Bhopali Cuisine is a marvelous fusion of cultures, traditions and regions where the food has combined influence of Hindus, Muslims, North, South, East and West parts of the country. Bhopali Cuisine includes both vegetarian and non vegetarian food dishes which are popular in the region. Here the usage of spices, sauces and curd is very much popular in many of the dishes. Paan is considered very important in Bhopali Cuisine and Paan making is considered as an art which is passed on from one generation to another.

The Muslim era has contributed a lot to the richness of Bhopali cuisine, and due to this many Mughlai dishes became a part of culture and heritage of Bhopal such as korma, keema and kebabs. The Hindu culture has given ample scope of varieties in the form of jalebi, rabri, falooda and many more dishes. The savories made in this region have gained immense popularity across the nation and are much sought after for their taste, flavor and variety.

A few popular dishes in Bhopali Cuisine are:

  • dal bafla refers to a wheat cake which is over poured with ghee and served with bowl of hot steaming dal and coriander chutney
  • sulfi refers to a liquor drink locally made from flowers of mahua tree
  • achaar ghosht refers to a meat dish prepared from chicken cooked in a lot of pickle spices
  • keema refers to a meat dish made of minced meat of mutton
  • keema pulav refers to a rice dish made of minced lamb meat cooed in basmati rice with spices and ghee
  • seekh kebab refers to snack dish where the meat is wrapped around an iron rod, smoked in tandoor with butter and spices
  • bhutte ka khees refers to a snack dish made of grated corn / maize cooked with skimmed milk, spices, chillies, mustard seeds, grated coconut, coriander leaves and groundnut. It is one of the unique dishes popular in Bhopali Cuisine and is best found in the streets of Indore city
  • palak puri refers to a breakfast dish made of wheat flour dough, mixed with grind spinach leaves and spices, served with aloo sabzi
  • chakki ki shaak refers to a steamed dough which is later added to the gravy, then prepared with different kinds of spices
  • malpua refers to a sweet dish made of flour, fried in ghee, dipped in the sugar syrup, dressing of saffron served with rabdi / rabri
  • mawa baati refers to a sweet dish made with mawa dough, dry fruits, deep fried the mawa dough balls, soaked in sugar syrup
  • lavang lata / lavang latika refers to a sweet dish made of flour dough, filled with mawa, nuts, deep fried, soaked in sugar syrup
  • shikanji refers to a soothing drink where milk is mixed with nuts and basil seeds, not to be confused with lemon shikanji
  • murgh rezala refers to a dish made of chicken, ginger, garlic, onions, turmeric, curd gravy, coriander, poppy seeds, oils and spices
  • garadu refers to a snack dish made of yam, chopped into pieces and deep fried, served hot with spice and onions
  • gajak / gajjak refers to a sweet dish made with sesame seeds, groundnuts and jaggery and has a longer shelf life than other sweets. It is originated from the city of Morena in Madhya Pradesh and is world famous now being exported to many countries
  • revadi refers to a sweet dish made like balls, made with sesame seeds, ghee, rose water, corn syrup, sugar, salt and water
  • chikki refers to a sweet dish made in layers with sesame seeds, groundnuts, jaggery and dry fruits
  • rabdi / rabri refers to a sweet dish made with condensed milk, sugar, spices, nuts, served chilled, sometimes garnished with falooda. In southern parts of India, a similar dish by name basundi is famous along with its variants made with fruits