About Us

Aahaarnihaar is a food blog / website founded on 01 October 2017 by an Indian food enthusiast. Aahaarnihaar is a brief compilation / study for good health and wellness, with the practice of healthy food habits and lifestyle. We bring to you the basic science behind home made food and the quality associated with it, which makes is healthy, nutritious, yet simple and tasty. We have also involved the science of Ayurveda which had originated in India almost 5000 years back and is till date very popular. We have also compiled the general practices of home remedies popularly known as “Daadima Ke Nuskhe” in India. Here we have classified the food according to regional Indian Cuisines and their specialities along with basic terminology of the food in local regions. We have also included many Indian Food Facts associated with Indian cooking techniques, basic principles followed for cooking and preservation of food and related valuable information.

Modern society and fast paced lifestyle has taken a toll on our health and wellness to an alarming level. It has affected the roots of our well being and has damaged our immunity to the core. This is mainly due to unhealthy food habits, improper food timings, food at unhealthy places, lack of basic information about all the available spices and ingredients along with their nourishing qualities and usage processes. Many of the parents are concerned about the modern generation and their approach towards Indian food. With the invasion of MNC food chains, most of our Indian youth have switched their taste buds to foreign food, which is sometimes not much into health parameters. Also, many of our Indians have migrated to various other countries and they feel worried about their next generation’s association with Indian food and flavor’s. Our website / blog will help all of these people to make their children understand Indian way of food and cooking, various ingredients and health benefits of each ingredient, which will associate them back with Indian soil firmly.

We at “aahaarnihaar” have made a humble attempt to compile the Indian food facts which will help to develop a better immunity towards ailments and enhance the wellness of mind, body and soul.  All efforts for wellness can be initiated from the comforts of our home with regular and guided usage of dry fruits, fruits, flours, grains, pulses, oils, spices, vegetables and other essentials consumed in our kitchen. We have classified all the items in their respective categories. One can select the item they want to learn about and read its in-depth details like origin, source of production, quality, health benefits and usage in kitchen. Our website / blog caters to every human on this planet to understand and experience the magic of Indian food and get benefited out of it. We run the blog here known as Aahaarnihaar Blog which keeps you updated with many home remedies and recipes to keep your taste buds and health status running smoothly. Also we invite and accept your association with the blog regarding valuable information on any of the topic related to this website.