Aadoo / Shaftalu (Peaches / Nectarines)






Peaches are the summery fruit which are very juicy and succulent. In Hindi, it is called as Aadoo and is related to plums, cherries and almonds family. This fruit originated in China and as a matter of fact, China is the largest producer of the fruit followed by Italy and Spain. In India, peaches are grown in Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. It is known as Chinani in Chinese, Chumbhrei in Manipuri, Pishu in Oriya and Pichesu in Kannada. There are a number of varieties of Peaches grown in India, such as Prabhat is grown in J&K, sunhaven, rehaven, july, quetta, peshwari are grown in Uttar Pradesh. In Punjab, khurmani, pratap, red-sun, shan-e-punjab are grown. Generally these are available from the months of April to June.

Nutritional Value

Peaches are full of nutrients which are extremely important for the body. You would find carbs, fiber, proteins, Vitamin A, C, E, and K in good quantities. Apart from that, essential minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, zinc and phosphorus are also present in peaches.

Usage in Indian Kitchen

Blend these peaches with other fruits into a smoothie for a great breakfast. This is an ideal snack as it is low in GI. A number of people make Jams and compotes with the help of Peaches. Who hasn’t ever tried a Peach Martini or Sangria. Peaches makes the ideal cocktails and beverage so just toss it up and use it with sparkling water of champagne. Fruit pie and fruit cakes are also incomplete without peaches.

Health Benefits of Aadoo / Shaftalu

  1. Effective in Cancer treatment as it negates the effects of Chemotherapy.
  2. Peaches can improve the symptoms of allergies as well.
  3. Extremely beneficial for skin and hair.
  4. Can fight the diseases related to obesity and cardiovascular.
  5. Perfect summer fruit as it hydrates the body very well.