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Aahaarnihaar is a compilation of Indian food facts which includes the varieties of ingredients used in making the Indian food healthy yet tasty. Aahaarnihaar website is for enhancing the wellness of mind, body and soul from the corner of your kitchen and with the comforts of your home. Anyone having a quest for information on Indian food, dry fruits, fruits, flours, grains, pulses, oils, spices, vegetables and other essentials related to Indian food can end their quest here. Aahaarnihaar also gives you insights about many cooking tips, home remedies, ayurvedic benefits, recipes and videos of the various Indian cuisines spread across the country. 

Here you can get an in-depth view of all the items in each of the categories which includes its introduction, nutritional value, usage in Indian food and its health benefits. Here we promote and focus only on vegetarianism so our content is confined to vegetarian cuisines and ingredients. For the convenience of readers / viewers to identify the item easily, we have mentioned the name's of all item's of all categories in Hindi, then followed by its English name in the brackets. Kindly roll over the categories, then item's names to click and read about the item in detail.

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